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Ramayana – The Story of Lord Rama

Ramayana – The Story of Lord Rama

By Bhakti Vikāsa Swami


Ancient and Unchanged 


The Rāmayana records the adventures of Rāma, the Lord of righteousness, as He struggles to overcome the forces of Rāvana. This is not a modern, imagined version of the Rāmāyana. It is the true account, concise but faithful to the original. 

Its timeless spiritual insights are compellingly relevant in today’s confused world, and will continue to be so even after various speculative interpretations are long forgotten. 


Also available in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Russian

Suitable for children and adults.

More than 10 Million copies sold in 10 languages.

NameRamayana – The Story of Lord Rama
PublisherBhakti Vikas Trust
Publication Year2012
Weight710 gms

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Authentic Sri Ramayana

Authentic Sri Ramayana presented nicely by HH BHAKTI VIKAS SWAMI MAHARAJ.

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