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Who Is Supreme?

Who Is Supreme?

By Gokula Candra Dāsa

India's vast variety of temples, worshipers, and rituals can be bewildering. Some worship Lord Gaṇapati to remove all obstacles in their endeavors, others worship Lord Śiva and Goddess Durgā for material opulence, students supplicate to Goddess Sarasvati for knowledge, while still others pray to Hanumān for protection and strength. And some simply say, "Worship and respect all, for all gods and all paths are one and the same."

Who Is Supreme? tackles this riddle - not with the pablum and word jugglery characteristic of many of today's popular gurus, but with a straightforward and lucid analysis of seminal sources of vedic knowledge, including the Purāṇas and other corollary texts.

NameWho Is Supreme?
PublisherBhakti Vikas Trust
Publication Year2013
Weight210 gms

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