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Śrī Pañcatantra

Śrī Pañcatantra

By Patita Pāvana Dāsa Adhikārī

Śrī Pañcatantra of Viṣṇuśarmā
A  Vaiṣṇava Interpretation

“Pañcatantra is the widest translated book in history that is not a religious scripture.” 

“Viṣṇuśarmā is perhaps the most widely translated non-religious author in history.”

Nīti or common sense is meant for everyone including the common man. Nīti gives a hard look at reality and tells the most practical means of dealing with destiny. Nīti helps us pass each day happily, profitably and successfully.

Through Paṇḍita Viṣṇuśarmā's instructions, shrewd businessmen have profited in the millions. Lives of countless persons have been wonderfully enriched. Knowers of this science are happier and more secure in themselves, and are less dependent upon the world around them. Even devotees of the Supreme Lord find inspiration for improving their service to the Lord and their guru. Kṛṣṇa consciousness joined with nīti is a bright light that takes us through this world's dark forest of infatuation.

NameŚrī Pañcatantra
PublisherBhakti Vikas Trust
Publication Year2019
Weight410 gms

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