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          present heavy blows to Mäyä in her work of keeping the fallen
          souls in illusion have often had to pass through many impediments
          before finally becoming manifest. We are glad that after passing
          through a long series of obstacles this book could finally go to
          press. We beg the forgiveness of the readers for any unintentional
          errors or lack of quality in the present volume. We pray that the
          readers may nonetheless reap the full benefit of understanding and
          determined practice of the principles contained in this book, which
          may in turn help them to rapidly advance on the path straight back
          to home, back to Godhead.

                   Butterworth-Bangkok International Express
                   27th August, 1988, Appearance Day of Lord Balaräma
                   The Publisher (Gauòa-maëòala-bhümi däsa)


              It has been about twelve years since the first edition of this
          book came out. Subsequently, it has been re-printed three times in
          English, and also in Russian, Croatian, Mandarin, Italian,
          Indonesian, and Portuguese, with a total of about 10,000 copies in
          print. Although there are not 10,000  brahmacärés  in our
          movement, devotees from all äçramas have expressed appreciation
          of this book, and it continues to be in demand.
              Since the first edition was first published, I have collected
          more snippets of information suitable for  brahmacärés. This
          edition is not in essence different from the first, but gives more of
          the same substance. I pray that devotees may find it helpful in their
          ongoing journey toward the lotus feet of Kåñëa.

                                                Bhakti Vikäsa Swami
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