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How I Achieved Real Success

How I Achieved Real Success

By Indira Meshram

Today women have far more opportunities than their grandmothers could even imagine – they can be CEOs, astronauts, and heads of states. Yet, research shows that modern women are unhappier than ever. Through an analysis of ancient scriptures and contemporary literature, this book offers a solution. It provokes women to consider an unconventional paradigm shift to achieve the fulfillment that’s eluding them.

NameHow I Achieved Real Success
PublisherBhakti Vikas Trust
Publication Year2019
Weight150 gms
Table Of Contents
  1. Respect and Protection

  2. Protection: Treasured Like a Precious Jewel

  3. Protection, Not Subjugation

  4. Marriage

  5. Early, Arranged Marriage:

  6. More Than a Marriage of Convenience

  7. Dowry: A Girl’s Rightful Inheritance

  8. Polygamy: For Protection,

  9. Not Frivolous Enjoyment

  10. Stable Marriages, No Divorce

  11. Changing Attitudes

  12. Saving Grace

  13. Motherhood

  14. A Burden or a Blessing?

  15. Secret Guilt

  16. Game Changer

  17. Education and Career

  18. Deprecating the Housewives

  19. Traditional Gender Roles:

  20. Oppression or Social Well-Being?

  21. Return of the Housewife

  22. Whimsical Oscillation

  23. Rebelling Against the Rebels

  24. Conduct

  25. Sexual Revolution: Whom Does It Benefit?

  26. Hookup Culture: Strings Attached to

  27. the ‘No Strings Attached’ Culture

  28. What Happened to the Age of Innocence?

  29. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

  30. Beauty Isn’t Skin Deep

  31. Inviting Modesty

  32. Just Don’t Do It

  33. Vedic Culture for Modern Women

  34. Tranquil Within

  35. The Way Forward: Revival and Reconciliation

  36. Words of Caution

  37. Why Not Start a Revolution?

  38. Real Success: Health, Wealth, and Happiness